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A tailored solution to monitor & streamline
all practice workflow with complete transparency

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The Glide Team has been serving Accountants in Practice for over 10 years - hear what they have to say.

Our video testimonials and case studies give an insight into how the Glide system might transform your Accounting Practice, and confirm the very high service levels you can expect from the Glide onboarding and support teams.


Extend Glide's workflow system with Scheduling, Timesheet and Automation modules.

Sitting at the heart of Glide is the simplest to use, most configurable and reliable workflow management tool in the profession. Creating 24/7 visibility across the practice.

Extend Glide to also allow time capture. Ensure all chargeable work is captured is invoiced. Understand the profitability of client assignments.

A visual staff planner that allows you to allocate staff to your Glide clients, jobs and other activities. Allocate time quickly using the drag and drop approach then lock bookings to avoid conflicts.

With an accurate and reliable workflow tool, you can genuinely automate communications. Info requests, chasers, tax notification – the opportunities to save time are extensive.

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Finally, a solution to workflow management mediocrity and never ending spreadsheets.

Glide’s flow diagram approach to workflow management is unique. The control, reliability, certainty and visibility that stems from this can transform a practice.

Know exactly what is happening in your business, department, client portfolio and personal workload.

Gain instant access to very clear and reliable data, in a very simple to use format.

Glide knows, with pinpoint precision, the current position of any job. Give everyone in your firm instant access to precise answers, avoid the need for extra discussions, meetings and inevitable references back to personal spreadsheets.

Have workflow for all services and processes to create a single workflow platform.

1 click of a button is all it takes to progress a job. Even non-tech-savvy users will find it incredibly simple to use, ensuring the product receives the buy-in necessary to make it a success.

Compatible with leading services

Extend Glide's functionality with these seamless integrations

Glide benefits from a number of integrations with leading cloud-based services, including document management, portals, e-signature, onboarding, AML, accounting and billing.

Our integrations with CCH Central and Digita Practice Management allow firms to link up their existing server based solutions to Glide, avoiding the need to maintain two client lists.

Glide maintains a comprehensive open API and a Zapier app, allowing users to build their own integrations.

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