Existing customers with support issues should contact us via the ‘widget’ in the bottom right hand corner of the Glide application. This is the quickest way to get support with a problem that you may be having. It is also possible to contact us via our support number below if your Glide package includes telephone support. We recommend contacting us directly through the application first, as these requests go directly to our support team who will be supplied with relevant information to your request. It will also remove the need to verify your identity via a special code, which is standard procedure when answering telephone support enquires.

Other enquiries and potential new customers should contact us on the sales number below, when you register your interest in Glide, the first step we take is to give you and any relevant colleagues a private demo of the system, where we will answer any questions that might arise. This is a no obligation demo, and our primary interest is allowing you to make an educated decision on whether Glide is suitable for your practice as quickly as possible.

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