New capabilities for Glide’s Zapier app


Last week saw the arrival of two new capabilities for our Zapier app, both of which open up a significant number of possibilities for integrating your Glide system with the hundreds (thousands?) of apps that are available on the Zapier platform.

Our Zapier app is in their beta phase and so you need to follow this link to gain access, we hope to be a fully published app at some point in the coming months.

Action step: Create job in Glide

First up we have an action step that allows you to create a job in Glide. Currently this supports creating jobs on ad-hoc workflow systems in Glide. These are the workflow systems you will want to use when it comes to creating jobs via a Zap, though in the future we shall likely add the ability to activate a trigger based workflow system, submit the first job date and create the first job.

The specific customer requests / examples that led to this being developed include the following:

  • The ability to create an ad-hoc job when a prospect completes a web-form (specifically acuity scheduling app) booking a tax consultation.
  • The ability to create a job on a books and records workflow system when you progress down a step in an Accounts workflow. Of course you can do this in Glide with our ‘Create a job’ workflow action; however, Zapier allows you to supercharge this by extracting data from the Glide job (and other apps/sources) and adding this to the new job card.
  • The ability to create a job in a helpdesk style workflow system in Glide whenever an e-mail is received into a shared/team G-mail inbox. (This one necessitated the 2nd capability, discussed below)

There are of course so many more possibilities out there. We shall be blogging about some of the above examples and others we can think of soon.

Search step: Search client in Glide

This capability is so simple and yet I think opens up some fascinating possibilities. Here you can exchange an e-mail address or a client code for the Glide client ID.

The Glide client ID is the information you need to find a client in Glide in a way that is fully reliable, for example to use our create job action step you shall need to provide the client ID so we know which client to create the job on.

The need for this became apparent when we were looking to help a client create a job in Glide whenever an e-mail was received into a shared G-mail inbox. The e-mail can provide the e-mail address of the sender only and so we needed to be able to exchange this for a client ID.

Using this capability the Zap can supply the e-mail address and Glide will return the client ID, firstly it looks for a match on a client and if not found it will then look for a match on a contact and return the client to which that contact is linked.

We believe that this could be very useful for any solution that looks to automate the filing of e-mails. This can be used in Zapier with Microsoft Office 365, G Suite / G-mail and any other e-mail systems on the platform. In addition the capability is added to our API meaning that developers can leverage these capabilities too.

Even though the e-mail is not coming into Glide and will not be stored in Glide, I think it is great that we can provide the search / lookup capabilities.

Do let us know via the contact form, twitter or give us a call on the numbers below if we can assist further with your Zapier plans!