New Glide feature: Only send emails during weekday working hours

An email sending at night

We’ve recently released a new feature that allows you to order Glide to only send emails generated on your Glide system during weekday working hours.

This feature was requested by many people and allows you to bulk generate emails while working on a Saturday for example, and have those emails be sent at 9am on the following Monday morning.

This ensures your practice will maintain a professional image, without work emails being sent to clients at less than ideal times. Using this feature, any emails generated after 6pm will be sent at 9:01am the following day, emails generated after 6pm on Friday, will be sent at 9:01am on Monday. Bank holidays are not currently taken into account.

To enable this feature go to the “Advanced Config Settings” page under the “Config” menu. It is not enabled by default.

The queued message setting still works in the same way, if you have all messages set to queue before sending, then they will still queue in the same way and can be manually sent when desired.

We’re delighted to be able to add features specifically requested by our users, if you have particular requests that would make your experience using Glide more valuable, please do let us know via the widget at the bottom right of your screen.