Dashboard management tools added to Glide.

We have recently added a dashboard management feature to the Glide system. Accessible to superusers the feature is found in the Config menu.

Here you’ll see a list of all user dashboards that exist in the Glide system and you have the new option to save any one of these dashboards as a template.

Once you have created template dashboards you can then easily copy these to other users. This is the key time saver, it should make the process of setting up dashboards on a new user a lot simpler than before.

You can copy to the ‘Next available dashboard slot’ or alternatively choose a specific dashboard slot, the latter choice would replace any existing dashboard.

We shall very soon be adding the ability to copy a template dashboards to all the members of a team or to all users of a certain role. These two bulk operations can already be carried out for you by the Glide support team and will arrive on the dashboard management page soon.

We’ve added a couple of new articles to the knowledge base to help which can be found here.