Glide and MyDocSafe release document integration.

We are proud to announce the launch of a new integration with MyDocSafe, a leading secure document management and compliance platform.   The integration aims to offer the best of both world from two specialists:  Practice Management from Glide and Document Management, Digital Signatures and Client Portals from MyDocSafe.  Designed to be as seamless as possible for both accountants and their clients, the integration aims to meet growing demand for ‘deep integration’ between market specialists which is lacking in the current world of expensive ‘point solutions’ and outdated ‘all-in-one’ platforms. 

Today we officially released the first phase of the integration: Document Management.  Phase two, which is schedule for May, will feature Digital Signature and Client Portals.

About MyDocSafe

MyDocSafe is a secure document management and compliance platform. It is used primarily by accountants, payroll bureaus and bookkeepers to automate client onboarding, streamline document approval and improve GDPR compliance.