Store documents with Glide

Google Drive

A much requested enhancement to Glide has been document storage. Glide users have wanted to store client documents along with their client data in Glide. Today we are delighted to announce the full release of our document storage feature. We have integrated with the popular Google Drive ecosystem meaning your documents are stored on Google’s servers and accessible directly through Glide and also software such as Google Docs and other compatible systems.

Our mission is to make the highest quality workflow tracking system for Accountants in Practice, we restrict our focus to this business issue so that we can offer a best of breed product with a team fully focused on one product. Google Drive is a leading cloud storage platform, and by integrating directly with Google we allow our customers to benefit from access to an industry leading file storage solution.

You will see a ‘Glide Docs’ link on the configuration menu when logged in to your main ‘super user’ account, click to connect to Google Drive and choose a Google account. Your data will be stored in the Google Drive of that Google user.

Once you have linked your Google account you will see a ‘Documents’ tab on every user profile, client card, job card and task. A new folder will be created in your Google Drive account with sub folders for all of your Glide clients/jobs/users/tasks. You can upload files either via the Glide interface or through the range of Google Drive applications.